June 1, 2010: A Big Beginning

On June 1, 2010, the moon will enter Aquarius…the absolutely perfect day to launch my first blog. I am really getting excited!

Over the years I’ve had many requests to put my thoughts in writing.  I’ve finally decided to do it in blog form. After a lifetime of studying and practicing yoga and psychology, I’ve decided to post a monthly blog that attempts to integrate the complementary wisdom and teachings of these two disciplines.

The blog is called Taking Yoga Off Your Mat™.  My purpose is to share insights and practices that support people in their desire to lead more joyful, purposeful, and fulfilling lives once they leave their yoga mats and/or their therapist’s office.  My invitation is for you to join in the conversation, if you have an interest, or to just listen in if that’s your preference.

You can access the blog through my website, www.drgailparker.com or at http://www.drgailparker.wordpress.com.

Hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think.

Love Your Life,

Dr. Gail Parker


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