On Self Study

Self study is not the same as self absorption.  Self absorption is a narcissistic preoccupation with self that disregards others.  Self study is a commitment to knowing one’s self inside and out – the best of ourselves and the worst of ourselves, with a desire to recognize how our thoughts, words, and behaviors affect us as well as others.  It is the commitment to observing all of this without arrogance or judgment – but with humility for our gifts and with compassion for our flaws.  It is the willingness to make changes that will bring us into optimal alignment with what is best in us.

Whether or not you practice asana, when you make a commitment to compassionate self study off the yoga mat, you begin to observe your mental, emotional, and spiritual misalignments.  This awareness, even if it is uncomfortable at first, creates an opportunity to make adjustments in your thinking and behavior that can bring you into alignment with what is best in you and optimal for you.  This can greatly enhance the quality of your life benefitting you and all those around you.  What could better than that?

5 responses to “On Self Study

  1. I can visualize the analogy between making adjustments to a pose for balance and making adjustments in your life for balance. And once finding balance in a pose, maintaining it and deepening it with additional practice–same as life- find balance, maintain and go deep!

  2. Wish I had read this sooner.

  3. Tunesia Turner

    Thank You!

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