On Conscious Living

Living consciously means being aware of what goes on around you, what impact you are having on others, and also what goes on in your inner world, your thoughts, and your feelings. It means noticing about what you think about, noticing what you feel, being mindful of what you say, and mindful of what you do. Conscious living makes us more reflective, less reactive, more empathic, compassionate, and more authentic.

A conscious approach to life includes being open to more than your own perspective; breaking out of your habitual frame of mind and creating new possibilities; being open to learning and understanding new information instead of protecting and defending what you already know. It leads to welcoming and embracing difference. It involves getting to know yourself from the inside out.

A conscious life leads to feelings of greater control, freedom of action, and less stress. Being conscious is an active ingredient in our health and well-being. Living consciously helps us make choices that keep us healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Taking Yoga Off Your Mat™ teaches how Yoga and Meditation are tools that can be used to live a conscious life.

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